Fixing the Software Metering agent when having error 80070424 in the mtrmgr.log

I was configuring Software Metering at a costumer when reports seemed wrong. The costumer had already configured metering on Visio,exe which had been running for years, but only 60  installations was reporting usage in the past 120 days out of 540 total installations. I checked maintenance task on the site server and client settings to ensure that the server and clients was configured correct.
I looked into some of the log files on the clients and found this error:

StartPrepDriver – OpenService Failed with error 80070424

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Create an SCCM collection with Powershell WMI

Automation is the keyword to get rid of repetitive tasks – then you can focus on the real work right?

So here we go again, this time to create a User Collection with the SMS_Collection WMI class.
I only used this function to create user collections, but can easily be modified to create device collections. Link to the WMI class in the bottom.

Also this function uses the log function which you can find here: here

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Remove a PC object from a domain in WinPE with Powershell

This code i made to be able to make a cleanup task for PC’s no longer in use. This script remove computers from domain when running WinPE.
This was one of the steps that was done. Another step deleted objects in McAfee EPO and SCCM.
To be able to delete a PC within a domain from a non-domain PC you need to install ADSI on the WinPE image.

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Start a Powershell script with a scheduled task

I was in a situation where i wanted to know which SCCM device collections a specific users devices where a member of. Therefore I created script which was executed as a scheduled task on a server. Here is an example on how to do that.

First create the scheduled task and run it with highest privileges and as another user if wanted. Could be an SCCM service account that only have access to certain WMI classes.

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