Export CSV SCCM software report using PowerShell

When you are taking over an SCCM setup from another technician – or want an insigt on your own setup – it might be difficult to get an overview of the different software deployments that are configured, and in which task sequences they may have been put to use. With this script you’ll get a full overview of all applications, packages and their task sequence relations. The point of making these reports is to quickly indentify which application, or package that could be deleted.

One thing I find especially difficult in the SCCM console is the overview of which collections that are used as include, or exlude collection on other collections. This will give you that overview.

2 different reports:

The script exports 2 different reports. The first named <SiteName>_SoftwareReport.csv contains an overview of all applications and packages, with the following information:

  • How many users/computers have the application installed.
  • How many deployments are made on the application or package, and if all the deployment collections are empty.
  • How many task sequences are the application or package used in, and which ones.

The second report named <SiteName>_SoftwareDeploymentsReport.csv provides an overview of all application and package deployments, with the following information:

  • How many objects are targeted.
  • Intentions: available/required.
  • Collection name of the deployment, as well as the included/excluded collections it has.

How to use the script:

Transfer the script to your site server and run it from an elevated powershell prompt. The two reports will be exported to $PSScriptRoot.


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