IntuneWinAppUtil PowerShell GUI

Microsoft has introduced the ability to create your own packaged Win32 applications to deploy in Intune. What this makes possible, is to package your MST based MSI installations – or even scripted deployments as a single package.

For this Microsoft has created a command line tool which is described here:

The command line tool needs 3 parameters:


I found it a little inconvenient to use the tool when having to copy/pasting folder paths and so on. Therefore i created a little GUI frontend which will simply call the IntuneWinAppUtil.exe with the use values defined of a browse button.

The GUI is very basic. There is 2 browse buttons and a create button

Here is the zip content:

StartAsAdmin will simply run New-IntuneWim.ps1 as and administrator which is the GUI.

The frontend is written in XAML and can be found in the Lib.ps1 file returned by the function Get-MainWindowXAML

Hope this makes life a little easier for you. It sure did for me!

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  1. There is a new IntuneWinAppUtil out. Do you plan on updating this? I already tried just replacing the .exe file but it didn’t work.


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